Our Story

We don’t just love Sound Systems – We live and breathe ’em…

Static Hi-Fi was formed early in 2015, and has slowly grown in size since.

The main sound system itself is formed of a combination of various pro audio equipment, from manufactures including Blacka Acoustics (UK), CVA (UK), Meyer Sound (USA), QSC (USA), and C-Audio (UK).

At Static Hi-Fi we are able to provide hi quality sound system for any genre, for any event from festival field to high capacity club nights.

In the summer of 2016 we proudly provided our full rig (at the time) to the City of Colours festival in Birmingham, receiving many compliments on the sound quality provided.

We will be bringing together loads of Fresh artists to deliver regular nights full of deep bass and a uk ragga flavour so watch this space.​




Mid and Tops
4x Meyer MSL-3
2x CVA Fane loaded trap tops
2x ​ Big Cat Audio PD loaded Trap tops

Bass and Sub Bass
​6x Shuttle Sound (EV) folded horns​​
4x Wembley B-line 18" reflex bins
2x Blacka Acoustics BS15

2x QSC 1450HD
2x QSC 1850 HD
2x Behringer EP2500
1x Behringer EP2000
1x C-AUDIO RA3001

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